Gina and Stephan's Indian Adventure
December 5, 2000 to January 18, 2001

January 19, 2001: Day 46, Boston
Date: 1/19/01, 11:44 AM EST
Re: Back home again!


Against all odds, we are home again! Just wanted to let everyone know.... this is then the final installment of our little travel monologue...

As you probably saw, I was unable to send our last real message from Mumbai due to problems with the hotel's ISP, so just sent it from here.

We spent our last day just hanging out at a 5-star "ecohotel" called Orchid, since we had pretty much been India-ed out and just wanted to get on with our trip back home.

We basically just read, ate, read, ate, read, walked in the surrounding slum, read, ate, and then caught the free shuttle to the airport... then another 32 hours of waiting until we finally arrived at our door here. I managed to finish the cheesy book that I had bought at the Orchid Hotel -- "Timeline" by Michael Crichton, which isn't worth reading because it's basically a lousy screen play that pretends to be sci-based historical fiction.

Anyway, our trip would have been a bit shorter if the deicing guy at JFK hadn't banged into the plane with his lift and damaged our wing, which then needed repair before we could take off. But I passed the time sleeping on the clean clean floor, something I would never have done had I not just spent 7 weeks in the dust and grime of India.

So that's the end of the trip... hope all enjoyed reading this stuff I've been typing. Boy, I do have to say that I feel like I've got the world's fastest internet connection here at home over my 56K modem! It's amazing how fast these pages are loading!

Over and out,
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