Walk One: Brookline to Concord MA, Sat Mar 24, 2001

Sections:   Cambridge    Watertown    Waltham    Train Ride    Lincoln    Concord    

Part 2: Watertown

Watertown has some of the nicest and wildest stretch of walking on the Charles River paths that are contiguous from downtown Boston. We passed by some of the military and industrial relics of the area, as well as the Watertown Yacht Club. Through Watertown Square, we continued out along the Charles on the newly completed Charles River Reservation extension.

Natural area along Charles River Reeds along Charles River
Gina adjusting her shoes Military base near Arsenal Mall
Steel bunkers Looking back along Charles River foot path, Watertown
Watertown Yacht Club Sign for Watertown Yacht Club
Forest along Charles River Gina stretching
Fine MDC-maintained bench Beech tree
Flooded play ground Foot path along Charles River
Swan on the Charles River, Watertown Square Geese on dock, Watertown Square
Watertown historic marker Flooded dam on Charles River near Watertown Square
Example of rock art in new section of Charles River Reservation Industrial area along Charles River Reservation

Sections:   Cambridge    Watertown    Waltham    Train Ride    Lincoln    Concord    

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