Walk One: Brookline to Concord MA, Sat Mar 24, 2001

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Part 5: Lincoln

We arrived in Lincoln Center and found Gina some hot chocolate to keep her going. We proceeded north west, crossed the tracks on the footbridge in the forest behind Lincoln Center, went down through the wonderful old hemlock forest, across Route 126, through some more fields, and then into the woods on the way to Fairhaven Bay (a part of the Sudbury River). Somewhere in the woods we crossed into Concord at last!

Here we are in Lincoln Center Winter fields near Lincoln Center
Gina roughing it in the woods with hot chocolate Old hemlocks on trail
Gina on hemlock shrouded trail In the depths of the hemlock forest
Gina among the hemlocks Rustic old house on route 126
Farm on route 126, at trail head More winter fields off route 126
Red house at edge of field House with sugar shack steaming (making maple syrup)
Gina on the trail on trailhead in to Fairhaven Bay White pines along trail
Spring stream with sandy bottom, near Fairhaven Bay Old beech tree

Gina on bridge heading towards Walden Pond

Sections:   Cambridge    Watertown    Waltham    Train Ride    Lincoln    Concord    

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